high pitched sound coming from pipes

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    We just built a new home and noticed a high pitched sound in some of the bathrooms. (I noticed the sound in one bath before closing but everyone denied hearing it.I have just located the sound which is under the sink. Originally, I thought it was coming from the shower but I'll bet the sound from under the sink is bouncing off the shower)The plumber does not hear it but everyone in our family does. The plumber said it was a vent but when I turned off the HVAC he told me he couldn't hear it. (the sound was louder when we turned it off)It does not occur in all baths just a few. Sometimes the sound goes away and comes back as in one of the baths I've noticed. There are other baths where there are no high pitched sounds.

    We have a whole house reverse osmosis system but it does not serve every sink. The high pitched sounds can be heard from sinks with or without it.

    If the plumber denies there is a problem so does the builder. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
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  2. whole-house water pressure

    did you test whether you still hear it when you turn off the main water supply into the house and let the water pressure out a bit?

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    I have not done this but the plumber has turned off the exterior water many times to install defective parts over the past three months. They told me they fiddled with the water pressure so I'll assume this is a yes.

    How would I go about letting out the water pressure?
  4. lots to learn. I'm sure you'll learn fast.

    there is a lot to learn, about plumbing. :)

    1. You personally have to listen for that noise, when you personally turn off the water. I'm sure you will figure out where that handle is, to turn off the water entry to the house plumbing.

    2. The best day to do this test is today, since things are always quieter on a Sunday, so there is less other noise.

    3. To "let out pressure" you open any tap and let any little bit of water out. Then, after you do that, the water inside the pipes isn't pressurized at full pressure. Like letting out a bit of carbon dioxide gas when you open a soft drink bottle by twisting the cap.

    4. My question was not whether or not the plumber had adjusted the pressure.

    Summary : Can you hear the noise at all times? Can you hear the noise when water is in the pipes? (Pipes can be emptied so they hold only air) Can you hear the noise when water is in the pipes but the water is not pressurized? Can you hear the noise when water is in the pipes and the water is pressurized?

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