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    We are remodeling a house we just bought and the Roman tub in the master has a Valley faucet - probably about 9 years old. This is a 2 handle deck mounted unit. The spout is corroded and needs to be replaced. I've discovered the access hole that I thought would accept a hex wrench. It appears that this hole is now round rather than shaped like a hex. Any suggestions for getting this spout off the faucet? Also, if we need to replace the faucet, do we have to remove the marble tub surround? This tub backs up to the glass shower stall so there is no access to the faucet unless we somehow remove the marble. Thanks for your help. :confused:
  2. jimbo

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    Valley is gone. I do not believe you will find any replacement parts for a Valley Roman tub, except the cartridges. There are many good on-line plumbing suppliers. Check around. Good luck. But, I think you will be replacing the entire faucet set.
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