Help with a Huge Water Bill

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    I just got a water bill for $1300. I looked at my meter, and they have the number correct, but it is not moving when I don't have any water running. The water company said we had a leak for the last couple months, and it stopped within the last few days. They also said it was most likely the sump pump. My question is, is it possible I had a leak that somehow fixed itself? Also, is it possible that it is the sump pump? If so, what would I be looking for to fix that? Most people seem to think it sounds crazy that it could be a sump pump. I just can't imagine how all that water was used and now is not being used.
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    Do you have a water powered sump pump? Most sump pumps run on electricity but they do make emergency backup pumps that run on water.
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    Back up pumps are good for when an electric outage happens,but for that long of time,check your sump pump system or have it checked,if that is not the problem then start checking toilets as they may not run all the time but off and on.
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    FWIW, my daughter in Washington state had a bill of about $750 and they were, of course, shocked! They called the water utility and the responder just said ok and cancelled the whole bill! There was no explanation from the utility but my guess is that they must have had other similiar complaints and that the problem turned out to be malfunctioning meters. Their house is about 6 yrs old and I don't know what kind of meter it is ... I think it is monitored electronically. And if so, I'm guessing a digital flow meter with a integrated chip as its processor could get a hit from a electrical storm, a voltage spike, etc and give a crazy reading. I can't imagine how a mechanical flow meter could malfunction so badly... I hope this is your problem, I would faint if I got the bill you got!!!
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