Help please--fixed one leak, created another...

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  1. greenchicken7

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    Jul 27, 2014
    I'm working on my kitchen sink, left side. I had a leak between the sink and basket strainer, which I fixed by removing the basket strainer, cleaning gunk from all the parts, and reinstalling with new plumber's putty. That went well, but in the process, I seem to have cracked the black plastic slip nut that held together the pipe draining the sink, the poly washer, and the end of the basket strainer.
    Now I have a leak at this nut. Water drips (at an enthusiastic pace) over the poly washer and through the crack in the slip nut. I tried to replace the slip nut with a split slip nut (comes in 2 pieces that fit together around the pipe), but I have the same leak. I tried, as an experiment, to push the poly washer up against the basket strainer with my hand alone, and could never get a good seal. (Is this normal? It's a new washer.)
    How do I get a good seal with this poly washer? Do I have to remove and replace the entire piping piece with a new slip nut already attached? I'm concerned I may take this step and still not get a good seal, or break another nut trying. Am I missing some piece of the puzzle?

    Pics are of (1) the general under-sink set up and (2) the basket strainer, poly washer, pipe (no slip nut in these images).

    Thanks for any advice (well, for any good advice!)
  2. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    Try putting it together without the poly washer. The flange on the plastic tailpiece is jsut as good as a separate washer and eliminates one potential leak point. Check that the slip nut you use screws all the way onto the strainer and is tight. Some strainers need a metal slip nut because they are shorter.
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  4. greenchicken7

    greenchicken7 New Member

    Jul 27, 2014
    Wanted to say thanks for the advice--I tried both your suggestions, and ended up replacing the full pipe w/attached slip nut after I couldn't stop the leak any other way. I was still able to do the job myself, though, so that was satisfying. Thanks for the forum!
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