Help - Mounting a hose bib on outside - no solder....

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  1. haeffnkr

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    Here is what I have going on....I am putting a hose bib on a basement wall, outside, on a walk out basement wall that is only 5.5 inches thick inside dimensions.
    So I am not using a freeze proof faucet/hose bib. (I do have a shutoff in the basement with easy access to drain the line for winter.)

    So...because the wall is finished and insulated on the inside and vinyl sided outside I put a 3/4 copper to 3/4 pipe fitting on the outside and found a nice looking ball valve, 1/4 turn faucet with 3/4 pipe fittings to mount to the copper fitting....with me so far....
    I already have this all in place and since the wall is finished I wanted to use a faucet I could remove with wrenches and not solder or un solder something that I can not see in the goes from faucet to pipe fitting to a 4" long 3/4 line to 90 then up the wall ...I dont want to be soldering on something from the outside and risk a leak on the inside of the finished wall/area...

    How do I get the faucet/hosebib to get tight, not leak AND be pointed straight down?
    Was I supposed to tighten the faucet and THEN solder the last fitting so the orientation is correct?
    Can I use a LOT of teflon tape to fill the void and get it the correct orientation?

    thanks Kevin
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    THere's a limit on how much tape you can jam into a joint, but yes, adding another layer or two will help you orient it where you want. Most hose bibs have notches or holes for screws that you use to anchor it to the wall. Relying on just the threaded connection when pulling on a hose might loosen things up.l
  3. Ian Gills

    Ian Gills Senior Robin Hood Guy

    Yes that is what I always do.

    I doubt it but you could try it with some pipe dope. It might lubricate things enough to allow you to tighten it enough to get it facing downwards. Don't overdo the tightening though. You might break something.
  4. haeffnkr

    haeffnkr New Member

    PIPE DOPE is the winner !!

    I took off the teflon tape and put on some pipe dope and spun it right around !!

    It was not too tight and not too loose was not leaking a drop!

    thanks for the tips !!
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