HELP! kitchen makes toilet bubble!

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jfla, Mar 5, 2006.

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    You all have been such a help to me, just via posts from others in need. Now we are desparately in need, so I'm appealing to your plumbing wisdom! Here's the story: we built this house 38 years ago; still has original cast iron drain pipes; house destroyed by hurricane and rebuilt with new water pipes overhead BUT old drains still down under. Replaced drain and 2 stacks under shower in master bath. Master bath toilet "spot" went uncovered for about a year (Lord only knows what went down there). Now, new toilets installed (Gerber Maxwell elongated ADA). Master toilet bubbles and gurgles when kitchen faucet is run, and then backs up on next flush. Has backed up repeatedly since we've been back in for the last 2 weeks. Master shower (about 1-2 feet from the toilet) drains just perfectly. We don't have sinks in there yet, so who knows what they will do.

    Plumber has snaked from the cleanout in the front yard, and from the roof, several times. He says there's a bunch of scale in there from sitting dormant for a year and a half. Still no resolution! He mentioned using a high-pressure jetter to clean out the pipes. I asked him to take the toilet up and snake from there, but he hasn't done it.

    Oh yeah, the guest tub won't drain now, either, even after at least three snakings. It seemed to work fine for a day or two. But the tilers got a whole bunch of grout all over my new cast iron tub, so maybe that's created a problem.

    Are my toilets, my drain pipes, or my plumber the problem? Any ideas??

    Thanks everso much for any hints!
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    my 2 cents

    some plumbers clear blockages in drains, good ones, scour them clean.

    wild guess blockages in vents [birds nests,od hurrican debreas] ?

    suggest you have lateral[side sewer camered] a little pricy, but no guess

    call some restraunts and ask for the most reliable router co. they know?
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    I don't have anything to offer the threads originator but I want to say tips like this make this forum great--- never would have occured to me.
    And thanks to Terry for creating and caring for this space-- it is not taken for granted.
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    Not knowing what may have gotten to that toilet stub, I think I would pull the toilet and clean from there. Someone may have stuffed a rag in the stub and it worked it's way into the sewer.

    That sounds like the closest place to the obstruction. And you can get a larger auger in at that point.

    Not sure why your plumber didn't figure that out.
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