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    Looking at buying a couple of toto toilets on craigslist. Owner says the model number is 729Z- 904 Can't find this model anywhere. What model are they and are they good? Here's the ad....

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    The photo looks a little like an Original Drake, but it's a crummy photo so you can't be sure. If that's what it was, it would be a good toilet.

    Ask them to look in the tank. There should be a number in there that begins with ST. (Toto toilets comprised of a separate tank and bowl have a model number that is "CST" something. ST is the tank number, C is the bowl number. The tank number will tell us a lot. If it is ST743E or ST743S, if would be the 1.28 gallon per flush Drake tank for the E or 1.6 gallon per flush Drake tank for the S. The only thing you wouldn't know from that is whether the bowl is round or elongated or ADA Height or whether it is coated with Sanagloss (those are the bowl options). That tank might also go on an original Drake with a 10" rough-in rather than the standard 12", so you will want to measure that.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.
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