Help! How much damage did I do?

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    I messed up bigtime. I replaced a cartridge in my bath (moen, two handle). But it was leaking so I tried to remove it and reinstall. Only the plastic ring that holds the cartridge down got stripped, and in the process of removing it (by destroying it basically), I messed up the threads in the brass piping that the faucet attaches to. So I know I need a new faucet. But what about this brass piping? Can it be easily replaced? Is a plumber going to have to cut through the tile to access it? Please see pic. Any responses greatly appreciated.

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  2. Well bradg,

    Welcome to Moen.

    The reason that cartridge was leaking was because you didn't have that cartridge aligned in the keyway deep down inside that brass housing.

    The job I did recently was exactly the same type scenario and the tool I made out of 3/4" copper was more effective at removing the plastic keeper than the damn Moen tool I bought that's designed to remove it!

    The "Moen" tool was slightly smaller and damaging the collar upon removal. I used my 3/4" copper custom built tool and wah-lah! Came right out with damaging the plastic component.

    How do you know for sure you damaged the brass housing? You can't judge that by those plastic pieces alone.

    There's a rim on that cartridge and you'll feel an indenture, take a flashlight and look deep into that hole where it goes and you'll see that it has to match that in order for it to mesh and provide a water tight seal.

    I'd rather beat up the elderly than work on another one of these faucets given the design is just overcomplicated, uses too many plastic parts that allows too much free movement in those handles before they turn the faucet on and off.

    Designed solely from the engineer's design table and never to the real functionality of what the homeowner is expected to deal with.

    Go to a true blue plumbing supply house and get those parts that are genuine Moen parts and you should be able to get it put back together.

    If you decide to beat up the elderly, post it on youtube; I want royalties.

    Go to and see if you can find a parts explosion that details that cartridge going all the way down into that housing.

    I sure in the hell couldn't find it and I won't get my 10 minutes of life back either.
  3. bradg

    bradg New Member

    thanks. I definately ruined the brass housing though.

  4. That's not might get Moen to replace it @ no charge if you come up with a good reason why it needs to be replaced.

    How did it get damaged? Using 2 screwdrivers to get that keeper out?
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I don't know how you would have damaged the brass part if you were removing the stem properly, but if you did, then it WILL reguire access below the deck to change that part. And because of the way the faucet is assembled underneath, it could require more work than just taking that one out and installing the new one.
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