Help cant shut off water

Discussion in 'Irrigation / Sprinkler Forum' started by Griz, Dec 24, 2007.

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    I just moved into a house with a rainbird irrigation system. I have water spraying from below my anti-syphon valve, I turned off all water valves and its still spraying. I even went as far as turning water off at the water main, still have water spraying.. I tried all sorts of plumbers and irrigation guys in my city, nobody will help... Any ideas, at this point on X-mas eve I am desperate to shut this thing off.. Thanks!:(
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    The fact that you have sprinkler system still powered up in December leads me to believe you are not in a frost area. So, look for a main valve take-off to the sprinkler, somewhere before the main house valve. It might be out on the street near the meter box. Or it might be in a valve box somewhere between the house and the street. Look for a green plastic box cover, may be round, or may be rectangular.
  3. controll box

    their should be an electrical control box
    probably hanging in your garage...or somewhere visible..

    inside that box their will probably be the name and telephone # of of the
    company that installed your system...

    if you call them they will have answers for you and
    will also be the ones to service this system in the future
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    I live near Las Vegas about 60 miles west approx 5000 feet, it gets pretty cold here at night somtimes in the low teens, thats why I have a split valve. I do have a green box, well 4 of them, all valves are in the off position, I had traced the main inlet sorce by digging up wifes flower bed, it goes under the street, which is paved. The main out near the road for my house when turned off does not stop this water in fact, by shutting off my entire water supply to my house my neighbors pipes broke in the same place as mine when I turned my house water back on, hers is worse, she had water shooting over her house. The neighbors werent home, but their water main outside did shut off her sprinkler system.. But mine is diffrent.. I cannot get anyone out here until wednessday.. The bright side of this is the neighbor kids can go ice skating in the mornings while its still freezing, In the meantime, I have this taped up with duct tape, and a couple shirts wrapped around that with more ductape.. Hopefully this will get me through somewhat until wednesday.. Until then I will continue digging up this system..
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  5. call your local water company

    Iknow it is x-mas day and all

    I assume youlive in a small town???

    They surely have a local water company hot line
    for main water breaks ....

    you ought to call them for you and your neighbors sake...

    and see if they will send someone out to shut that down..
  6. Griz

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    Thanks Mark, just put a message in on their answering service.. I am waitting for a return phone call as we speak.
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