Help--Broke the lid of my toilet tank

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Shayaharry, May 21, 2005.

  1. Shayaharry

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    Hi All,

    I broke the lid of my toilet tank. The toilet has no company name on it! I brought another lid to a plumbing supply store. A seemingly knowledgable contractor believed it was an Elger toilet--perhaps re-sold by another store or company.

    The plumbing supply store wasn't able to help me--lacking information to determine a model number or company name.

    Can anyone offer suggestions? If I assume it's an Elger, is there a searchable database--there are some numbers within the tank itself--can these be used for the search?

  2. Call around to plumbers to see if they keep old toilet tank lids just for this purpose. That's usually the best way to find one. The last one that I replaced like that cost me only $5 bucks.
    Good Luck!
  3. hj

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    The number inside the tank, or on the lid itself, can identify it once you know the manufacturer. If you cannot find a used replacement tank, a new one can run $35.00 or more plus shipping.
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    Further proof that there is a website for anything and everything! Though I am not convinced that paying $70 for just a lid falls under the category of "an intelligent decision." Let alone $570... One can purchase a whole new tank which includes all new hardware, gaskets and fittings for much less... Then you would not wonder if the lid would fit. The new plastic tanks are great, and include an adaptor plate that fits most every toilet imaginable.
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