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    I posted this in the wrong forum(general) I think so, I am reposting here: the ceramic pipe part of the toilet bowl appears to be blocked by a plexiglass tube approx.size 2"x2" flushed inadvertently and it seems to have turned sideways as water rises almost to the top before it very slowly leaves the bowl.My hubby has removed the toilet from the floor and has tried everything an amateur can to get at this object but,his snake just bends and comes back towards him. It can't go around or 'thru. At this point I fear for either my or my toilets life.Any advice other than call an expensive plumber would be greatly appreciated.
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    On most toilets, the ID of the trapway is just barely over 2", so it could get quite tight especially if it got cocked. Then, some toilets have some pretty sharp bends. You'll need a new wax ring to reset the toilet if you succeed, otherwise, it may end up with buying a new bowl, or, replace the whole thing.

    Can you see the thing? How far into the trap is it?
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    Having removed the toilet, did he try pushing the augur up from the bottom?
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    He is probably trying to use a "sink drain" auger which seldom works in a toilet. Every object is unique as far as determining HOW to get it out of the toilet. But, usually, if you can get it turned so it is loose, you can shake it out of the toilet.

    Jamie with a plumbers closet auger
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