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    new jersey
    Hi All -

    What are the requirement for hangers on the horizontal in this situation - about 48" of PVC and 62" between the hangers on the CI. The wood blocks attached to the wall maintain the gap behind the pipe.

    as you can see, i like the color purple, and the neat streaks it makes when spilled down
    the pipe..other than that nice cosmetic bunder, it seems to be working.

    as an aside, I used a CI blade in the sawzall to cut the pipe - took quite a bit of time.

    many thanks for the help.


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    http://www.cispi.org/handbook/chapter4.pdf Start reading at the bottom of page 60 (pdf page 9). I believe a support at each joint is sufficient up to pipe lengths of 10'. The support needs to be within 18 inches of the joint. Make sure you support the vertical portion of the cast iron independently.

    I would probably put a couple of J hangers on the horizontal 4" PVC.

    The book referenced above also addresses acceptable hangers for cast iron. I'm not sure if the hanger straps you have are adequate for cast iron.


    Here's a PVC support chart:
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    new jersey
    Nice Info on CI, thanks. the sawzall blade was recommended by a plumber over the snap method, in case the pipe was brittle.
    and i don't have an electric cut-off saw (i don't like using a gas saw inside!!)

    I think the CI hangars are ok, because it is masonry, and i hammered in flutes, since it is block, not poured. will check with the inspector. there is only plastic above this splice.
    looks like a couple J hangers will do the trick, and it makes sense not to stress the joints. wonder how big of a gap i'll need to bridge? probably need a
    to put up a wood backplate.
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