Grease it up, or leave well enough alone?

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    I've got a Grohe shower/tub valve. WOrks fine, doesn't leak, but it doesn't move like silk like it used to. I've thought about taking the cartridge out and greasing it slightly , but wonder if that might lead to other problems. Thoughts? Leave well enough alone? Take it out? Doesn't really need to be replaced since it still works fine.

    While they'd probably send me a new one, I sort of feel guilty since it is working. It isn't like you need a wrench or anything to turn it, nor does it "grind" or anything. Sort of feels like dragging rubber across a hard surface (which it probably is).
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    Grohe's cartridges come from the factory lubed up and if you order a new cartridge they will send you a small package of lube as well.
    So i see no problems doing it your self.
  3. Use the silicone based grease (clear) that has no petroleum'll work fine.

    I wish I could find that grease in bulk as it gets costly to buy it in small tins.
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