Getting hosed?

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    I have a quote to tile a shower (4'X3'). It's a small enclosure that only 2 sidewalls and pan need to be tiled.

    I will be providing all the tile and thinset (I have already purchased). The only thing I need done is the pan poured correctly and the tile placed. Today I got a quote for $500 for the pan and $800 to hang the tile, $1300 total. This is all labor. Does that seem excessive to anyone? I am in Orlando and the housing and repair market is slowing down.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. jadnashua

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    That may be cheap...depends on the local conditions. If you have the time, and have some skill, this isn't as intimidating as you might think. Check out and see what all of the home owners have done there. Regardless, it is a good idea to research that site to find out the industry approved methods on how to build a shower. There are a bunch of people that don't do it right (doesn't mean it will leak). Might as well do it right so you will be satisfied for a very long time.
  3. how much do you think it should be??

    if he is pouring the pan, and lying the tile
    on the concrete floor, then tileing the walls as
    you exclaimed,

    how much do you think it ought to be??
  4. frenchie

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    FWIW... in NYC, that would be a ridiculously good deal.
  5. As many service calls I've done in relation to poor workmanship involving tiled walls and bases, if this guy has a reputation for doing it right,

    it's well worth the money.

    You get the'll be paying twice, moaning.
  6. membrane? What membrane?

    you could ask him, "what's a membrane?" and if he says nobody needs a membrane since tiles and special grout are waterproof, then his price is meaningless, irrelevant. If he says a membrane is waterproofing, and it has to be sloped too (to send subsurface water to the drain) long before the tiles get laid sloped (to send surface water to the drain), then his price is good.

    If your walls are perfect, and you have already membranes them, you could get the price to come down. But you would already be halfway into the trade.

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