Gas valve replacement

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  1. ryantosh

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    I am just about finished a kitchen tear out and rebuild and purchased some appliance yesterday. I would like to install them soon but when I checked into the gas line for the stove, the old shut off vlave appears to be stuck open. I am pretty handy but don't feel comfortable working on the gas lines. Is this a job for a plumber? If so how involved will it be to take out the old valve and install a new one?
  2. Gary Swart

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    Yes, this is a job for a professional. It should not take too long barring unforeseen problems. Basically, it requires turning off the gas main valve, unscrewing the old valve, installing a new one, and leak testing.
  3. asktom

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    Victor, MT
    Like Gary said, plus re-lighting all pilots and making sure all gas appliances are functioning.
  4. nhmaster

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