Gas Piping.

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  1. ygdron

    ygdron New Member

    When doing Gas iron threaded piping and when it will be within a covered wall. Does the 'T' trap, (Sediment Trap) need to be accessable? or can they be inclosed in walls. And does 'Every' change in vertical to Horizontal need the trap?

  2. dirt traps

    usually, you put dirt traps , or dirp legs, at the ends of the line
    before you are going into the furnace, water heaters ect..

    changes of direction mean nothing....

    but you are messing with gas and
    wishing to install it inside some walls?

    and you are wondering if you need drip legs on each
    change of direction??

    I dont mean to insult you , but it you dont know
    the bare minimnum about what you are about
    to undertake might be wise to get this
    done by a professional..

    its one thing to have minor damage
    from a drain line or dripping pipe you soldered

    and its quite another to take out the whole city block.
  3. srdenny

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    SF Peninsula
    There are 2 considerations that are important when running gas piping. Sizing and testing. Size it right and test it for leaks and everything else is secondary.
  4. ygdron

    ygdron New Member

    I understand your concerns. The work I'm doing and have done has an associated permit, gets pressure tested and inspected. I was just hoping to head off a call to the inspector by determining whether a dirt trap needed to be accessable, or whether it could be enclosed in a wall. It just makes it a little cleaner job.
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