From No Hot Water To No Water At All!!! Please Help!!

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  1. Molly Mayhem

    Molly Mayhem New Member

    Pine Bush, NY
    Type of pump?
    Two wire (no control)___no_____
    Three wire (control box)___yes___
    Wire Size___18______ Wire Length_100+ ft._______
    Jet Pump (above ground)_________
    One or two pipes down the well____

    Size of Pump?
    Motor Horsepower?__________
    Pump Model #______________
    Date Pump Installed__________

    Pumping from?
    Cistern tank___________
    Pond, lake, river________
    Water Well______yes______
    Depth of well____60 ft______
    Depth to water______5 ft___
    Pump Setting__________
    Pipe Size_________"
    Drop Pipe Material

    Well Recovery Rate___10____gpm
    Well Casing Diameter_______6â€
    Rock Well______yes____ Sand Well__________ Other______________
    Date Well Drilled____1972________

    Well Casing Material
    PVC_____yes___ Steel_________ Other_________

    Pressure Tank?
    Bladder or diaphragm tank (one pipe to tank)____yes______
    Size or model of tank__SEARS Insulated Glasslined Vertical Water Storage Pressure Tank__________
    Air charge in top of tank, with pump off and water drained____________PSI
    (check with car tire gauge)
    Plain Hydro Pneumatic tank (two pipes to tank, one in and one out)_________
    Size of tank________________

    Pressure Switch Setting?
    On 30, off 50 ________
    On 40, off 60_________

    Pump Control Method?
    Cycle Stop Valve model #_________
    Variable speed control #__________
    Pump Start Relay (sprinkler timer, no tank)_maybe_________
    Manually turned on and off____________

    Pump Protection
    Cycle Sensor_________
    Low pressure cutoff switch (lever on side)__________

    Filters or Softeners_____no_________
    Before or after pressure tank_______
    Type of filter___________________
    Bypass available________________

    Water Used For?
    House Use____yes___ Number of baths___2____ Number of People___3_____
    High Flow Showers__no_____gpm?
    Irrigation with timers___no_____
    Irrigation with hoses__no______
    Heat Pump_no_____gpm?

    Problems Experienced
    No Water____yes_____________
    Water only part time________
    Water at all times but weak_____
    Air in water____yes___________
    Pressure surging___________
    Water Hammer (noise)______
    Too Much pressure_________
    Other_______________decline in hot water_____

    Pump makes clicking or buzzing sounds________
    No Sounds__________no sounds____
    Pressure gauge reading___50_____psi

    Do you have, and know how to use
    an Ampmeter and Voltmeter___yes water pump.jpg _______________

    Describe Problem__________________________..... I have a submersible pump, and vertical hot water heater. For the last two weeks their was a lot air in my water line, spitting out in all lines, (shower, kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, etc...). For the past three days I have had a decline in hot water, until (3rd day) their was only cold. Now I have no water at all!! I don't know what the problem is. I don't hear the tank filling up. My sub. pump is fairly new. If anybody has any suggestions; dealt with similar problem PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. DonL

    DonL Out of the Trades

    Houston, TX
    Have you checked your breakers and breaker box connections ?

    You should keep the water heater off, until you can fill it with water, so it don't run dry.

    Good Luck.
  3. craigpump

    craigpump Member

    What are those loose wires for? They look like pump cable to me......

    Air in the pipes, sounds like a bad check valve in the pump, or a cracked/broken pipe in the well. Possibly a rotted fitting at the pump.
  4. DonL

    DonL Out of the Trades

    Houston, TX

    I was wondering the same thing, on the wiring.

    Looks like a Electric Heater was replaced with Gas.

    Looks unsafe to me no mater what they were/are used for.

    Maybe the poster will shed some light.
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