Frog in the toilet

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Startledintampa, May 20, 2013.

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    We had some flash rain this afternoon and when I got home, I noticed movement in the toilet bowl right before I sat. When I looked further, there was a 5 inch dark green frog (i think it is a bufo toad) Interestingly, my wife had used the toilet about 30 min prior and had cleaned the interior of the toilet with a brush without noticing anything and flushed.
    We managed to escort the frog out...
    We live near a pond and have been in the Tampa area for about 5 years. We never had anything like this happen before. We used the city sewer. I read online that the frog could have entered through the sewer system but find it hard to believe. We dont leave our doors open and no one had gone out from that side of the house today.

    The questions I have relate to preventing this from happening again (we have young kids and we don't want to have to inspect the toilet bowl every time we have to go)

    1- if it got in from the sewer, is there a way to prevent it from happening?
    2- where else could it have gone in from? Should I have an inspection with a scope of the toilet drainage system? How else to prevent this?

    Thank you for reading through

    Startled in Tampa
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  2. LLigetfa

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    Through the vent pipe.
  3. kreemoweet

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    I don't know why you find it hard to believe the frog came from the sewer. The sewers are full of critters. I have personally found big 'ole rats in toilets three times, that could
    only have gotten in from the pipes. Count yer blessings: frogs are perfectly harmless. And no, there is no way to prevent it, short of moving to The City and living in a 17th
    floor condo.
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    Ha. When Sandy hit us, and I was getting backwater through the toilet, there was bits of a little fish and a baby lobster/shellfish variant that was coming from the overflow.
  5. Startledintampa

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    Thanks for the replies. I guess we'll have to hope it does not get to be a recurrent problem
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