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    Jul 16, 2012
    I had a 2" well drilled. The driller put a pvc cap on it since I was going to finish it out later myself. The cap was on for the last few months. I bought the packer assembly, foot valve, SRA's etc. I was told I needed a 1 1/4" foot valve. When I went to drop the piping into the well the foot valve would not go. It was too big. Is this the correct size foot valve for a 2" well or could the cap possibly have had some effect on the pipe?

    The well piping is lettered with green lettering & says 2" jet pipe, or something similar to that wording.
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    You have to have a special footvalve that will fit in 2" casing, not all 1-1/4" footvalves will go.

    If you have a Goulds jet (common) then it uses a 1" footvalve. Sta-Rite uses 1-1/4" footvalves.

    Whatever you do make sure you use a brass jet. Cast iron will eat out in some water conditions as it will be the only metal in the plastic well.

    Good luck.
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