Flux in Water Line?

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by Coolcat, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Just had new tank installed that required re-plumbing from original tank to location of new. Hot water cloudy with smell, leaves residue. Plumber believes it could be the flux being flushed from system. Question then is: describe the scent flux would leave in the water and just how long will it take to flush the system to the point the hot water runs clear. Thanks for any help you may offer.
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    Unless he "soaked" the joint in flux, it usually "evaporates" while the joint is being made. IF there is flux in the pipe it should wash out almost instantly.
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    There is nothing quite like a shade tree plumber, the old bread trick is super old school.. If the pieces are small enough to clear the elbows them they are at the valve outside, you may have to remove the valve stem this may well let the bread balls out.. Keep us posted. My question to you is why didn't you drain the water before you started soldering?
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    triks, was your post just a reason to get your link you have included posted to the forum¿ Your post came out of left field and was even further out left field once complete.
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    You have smelled way too much sovent glue:confused:
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    You missed the point all together, the drive by poster knew the plumber was eating a sandwich while soldering the pipe which caused him to use too much flux.

    As long as he had bread on that sandwich he thought, I can clean the flux with the bread.

    Now he had bread stuck to the flux and probably thought it would be cool to toast it with the torch.

    The torch got the flux too hot and it burnt the bread so it was obvious he could turn on the water to put out the fire.

    While the water was on he figured he could wash down his sandwich so he put his mouth on the end of the pipe...

    Now you see why he tasted flux? He was sitting under a shade tree when all this happened... DUH???

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    :D "Chuckles ChuckS"
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