Floor mounted or wall mounted toilet?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Mad Plumber, Feb 26, 2008.

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    1) It seems most toilets are floor mounted--very few wall mount. Are there any advantages when building to specify a wall-mount and/or concealed tank toilet? I like the idea of wall mount, as it allows flooring material to be consistent, and eliminates the hard to keep clean joint where the toilet meets the floor. Concealed tank is just more abt esthetics than anything. Your feedback appreciated, esp abt finding a top-performing wall-mount.

    2) The toillet with integral venting seems interesting -- any practical advice--has it been in service long enough? Are others following, esp Toto?
  2. Joerg

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    I am not a plumber or installer but our house came with four wallmounts. I can only tell you that it's a nightmare. First, due to the fact that the carriers are bolted into the wood frame the toilets have sagged. Replacement was the next nightmare, we opted for floormount wall-discharge because they don't sag. It's a boutique market, VERY expensive, the available selection is very small and I found the quality to be subpar. It took six (!) toilet shipments to us until we had our first toilet that actually worked and didn't arrive in shards.

    Long story short if I had the choice I would never, ever consider wallmount if I'd be building a new house. In fact if I ever needed to move and buy another house and it had wallmounts, I probably would not buy that house.

    Europe has a lot of concealed tank toilets. Yeah, they look slick, I've lived there. But I remember that spare parts were rather expensive. You couldn't just take $20, waltz over to Ace Hardware and be done with it. However, they had less chlorine in the water so rubber and plastic parts lived a lot longer. It was quite normal for a toilet not to need anything other than cleaning for a decade or more.

    Regards, Joerg.
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    The carriers aren't cheap, and because there isn't anywhere near the competition, the bowls aren't that cheap either. So, depends on if it is worth it to you. Your wall normally must be at least 6" deep behind the toilet to make everything fit from what others have said. If the wall isn't built properly, the bowl can sag and that can cause leaks, not counting it's annoying to sit on an unlevel toilet.
  4. hj

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    I would install wall mounts instead of floor mounts anytime the customer is willing to pay the extra cost to get the benefits. I personally prefer them.
  5. Bill Arden

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    Is it possible to do a "floor mount" with either a "in wall" or a "pressurized" tank?

    I'm trying to find a replacement for my "American standard Compact EL"

    Ideally they would push the bowl back and flip the trap so it goes forward and then have a separate tank that could be mounted elsewhere.

    What does it take to use one of those "tank less" toilets?
    I am guessing you need a large pressure tank and large pipes.

    Edit: I've thought about moving the toilet back and recessing the tank into the wall, but I would have to move the vent stack. :(
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  6. hj

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    They used to make toilets that "reversed the trap and pushed the bowl back". They were called washdown toilets and were obsolete in the 50's. If you recess the tank in the wall be sure to make provision for removing the lid to service it.
  7. FarrellMackennon

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    Wall mounted toilets seem to be quite the trend these days, though they can be more work when something goes wrong than the traditional floor mounted versions they are quite user-friendly and, as a plumber, I wouldn’t try and make a customer change their mind if they have their heart set on one. They are also a great option for those houses with very small bathrooms as they take up less space than the floor models.
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