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    I installed tile in my bathroom and now I'm ready to install the toilet. Upon cleaning and inspection, I noticed the plastic flange was cracked on 1 side and the other side is pulled up like someone overtightened it. The tile is installed already and it's flush with height of the flange. I know about putting 2 wax rings on to compensate for the height difference but I have no room to install flange spanners under the flange as the tile is too close to the flange. Can I mount the spanners on top of the flange? Will the wax seal properly doing this? Could I take some wax and spread it over the flange and spanner before putting the wax rings on? Or any other suggestions? The flange is in a concrete floor so installing a new flange is out of the question.
  2. Yes. I install spanner flanges on top of the flange all the time with no issues. The problem is that you have concrete, so you will have no way to anchor those screws to get the spanner to secure in place. I would use one of those closet flanges that has the 3 allen screws with expandable rubber ring that widens when tightening the screws. This will give the finished dimension of 3/8" above the finished floor surface, the way industry standard dictates.
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