Flange height situation.

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by iminaquagmire, May 11, 2008.

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    I'll be installing a new toilet in my master bath tomorrow after remodeling it. During the remodel, I installed some 3/4 OSB over the existing subfloor, Ditra, and 5/16 tile. My dilemma is obviously the flange which I neglected until now. I'm wondering which is the best course of action to correct it. I figure I can double the wax rings, stack some flange extenders with silicone, or cut it out and replace the flange higher with spacers underneath. The difference between the top of the flange and the finished floor is 3/4".

    I'm more inclined to either of the first two from an obvious labor savings standpoint, but not sure if either of them are really good ideas. Any help is certainly appreciated. I've linked a picture of the problem.

  2. jimbo

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    You are about an inch low. Stacking up wax here is iffy. I would never do that much wax. You could use 4 flange extenders @ 1/4" each, silicone in between. Given that the tile is already installed, moving the flange itself up may be quite difficult at this time.
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    Ideally, the flange would have been removed, the tile installed, then the new flange installed so that the lip is supported by the new floor. It looks to me that the edges of the flange may be covered slightly by the tile. This could make it really tough to get extenders to fit in the hole. Hopefully that's not true or you'll be grinding or sanding some of the edges to get them to fit.

    Extenders at this point are probably the way to get a reliable connection, but next time, take the flange off and install it after the floor is in. If you notch the tile before installation, it makes it easier to screw in the anchors to the subflooring.

    You could try a waxless seal - Fluidmaster makes one, and there are a couple of other brands. The throat should be deep enough to seal at that depth.
  4. Redwood

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    Its too bad you didn't reset the flange on top of the existing floor... Stacking spacers that far and having extra long closet bolts will always be a headache. I would look at these spacers that can go under the flange and redo it to the proper height.

  5. iminaquagmire

    iminaquagmire DIY Senior Member

    Thanks for the help. I ended up only using two spacers with a brass repair ring to make up for the bolt length along with plenty of silicone. It worked fine but I've learned my lesson and left the line in the basement bathroom well above the slab so when it comes time to set the flange I can trim it, install, and be done.
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