flammable vapour sensors

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  1. iconicplumber

    iconicplumber JMan plumber/gasfitter

    hi everyone,
    first post. does anyone have supply information and tech information on flammable vapor sensors?
  2. iconicplumber

    iconicplumber JMan plumber/gasfitter

    there is no jumper ability due to the fact that it is a carbon/silicone conductor with 25k ohms resistance. it draws on the line voltage circuit that energizes the hot surface igniter when in the presence of gasoline vapors, generating more resistance on the circuit thereby reducing the line voltage a fraction. when the voltage drops the gas valve solenoid de-energizes.

    i'm gonna try a piece of pencil graphite(lead) to jumper it out! will advise that the part should never be jumpered out as it is part of the saftey circuit.

    although pencil lead is a conductor it has no resistance, so this will not work!

    any other ideas?
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    Buy a replacment sensor, and forget about jumpering it. Last one I had to buy was around 30 bucks.

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