Fiberglass Shower Tub surround Joist show through?

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by scri8e, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. scri8e

    scri8e New Member

    Long Beach, CA
    This is a apartment turn over between tenants.
    I've never seen this before?
    The pattern of the joists behind the fiberglass shell have made a imprint on the surround walls. What causes this? Anyone know?

    Am I going to find rot behind there? Joists vaporized? I have until the 15th to make this place turn key. If this tub and shower surround will require complete re-construction I won't have the time for that.

  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    From the picture,it looks like they installed flimsy "glue-up" type shower walls, but applied them directly to the studs. You should be able to get an idea by tapping on the walls it it is flimsy.

    You will know more when you get it off.

    Is the off color just from lighting in the photo, or does it really look that ugly>??
  3. scri8e

    scri8e New Member

    Long Beach, CA
    Yes it's really that ugly LOL

    Those are circa 1965 fiberglass tub and shower 1 piece units. They are pretty tough and thick. Not one of the 3 of these beauties (using that term real loose) has any cracks in the fiberglass tubs or in the one piece shells.

    Nope not the lighting. They really are baby poop brown with that lovely white caulking from decades of age and soap scum. Heh... I haven't had the opportunity to take a peek at the one downstairs. I don't recall if it has the same joist pattern showing through or not. The 3rd
    unit at this building has had the tub/surround re-surfaced 2 years ago approx. I want to see how it is holding up. I have a feeling that R&R'n that tub/shower is going to be ugly and need more time than I have.

    Why they put a window in shower walls I just do not understand?
    I do understand air flow is needed in a bathroom. But a window in a wet area?

    If I were to sub it out to say an outfit that did cultured marble. Would they need to build the sub-straight stick by stick if it is vaporized? Thinking out loud... probably.

    Anyone have any ideas for me?

    Sell? LOL... Not happening.
  4. ghetterly

    ghetterly New Member

    I'm going to suggest that it's SUPPOSED to look that way. Look at the bottom of the ridges. They finish in perfect, even scallops.
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