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  1. gmr

    gmr New Member

    We are in the prep for a major home remodel. Thanks to this site, we will have a Toto!

    Are there any sites out there with reviews of or is there anyone who can comment on faucets for both kitchen and bath (mostly kitchen)? We have looked at so many manufacturers on the web (Hansgrohe, KWC, Arwa, Franke ad infinitum). I worry about spending a lot of money without actually seeing the faucet and also because we don't know anyone who has a higher-than-Home Depot's-low-end-faucet to get opinions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by my very overloaded brain.

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  2. all you really need to know

    I am takeing out an expensive Grohe this comming friday
    and installing a DELTA, cause the man is tired and fed up with it....


    nothing rates higher or lasts longer than a Delta....

    most all other faucets are just flash and glitter at an expensive price...

    if your wife wants flash and glitter , then you are in trouble.....

    just save your money and take your wife a new diamond ring..
  3. gmr

    gmr New Member

    First of all, I AM the wife.

    Second, I don't do diamonds, much to my husband's delight.

    Third, this is the first time in our lifetimes that we can actually have a kitchen that we will be really happy with. I am tired of faucets that end up leaking, or that have a pull-out that barely pulls or that I can't get back in right.

    Granted, it doesn't mean that the most expensive ones are the best. We don't know if it's worth it to spend around $500 or more on a faucet. That's why I asked my question.

    Is Delta really that good? How about Moen? Grohe? Others?
  4. buy whatever you want....

    The Delta is the most pratical and
    you can still spend big bucks with them too
    if you absolutely have to..........

    so good luck.......and good hunting....
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  5. gmr

    gmr New Member

    Actually, I was just on the Delta site, because of your recommendation. There are a couple of aesthetically wonderful faucets (which, frankly, is a consideration).

    I'm not crazy about their pull-downs. Do you have an opinion about pull-downs versus separate sprayers?
  6. do you mean pull outs???

    I dont like any brand that has the pull out sprayers....

    that is the weak spot with all of them, but the Delta

    has not given me too much trouble...

    they have probably the best quality

    I have torn out many moens, and price fisters because the parts

    were very hard to get fot the pull outs

    you can get a really nice faucet for well under $500
  7. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    I put in a Grohe Lady Lux (I think that was the model) in stainless. I like it, but it's only been 3-years. I'm not a pro, either. I liked the way it looked and the "feel" of the action. Delta has used the same basic "guts" for ages, so they've worked the bugs out, and you can buy replacement parts nearly anywhere, anytime. Some of what you pay for is the finish, some is the name. Seriously consider long-term replacement parts. Kohler is tough because they basically don't have any standard parts from what I hear. Finding repair parts are timeconsuming.

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  8. gmr

    gmr New Member

    Appreciate your input, especially about the pull-downs (maybe that's my problem, I'm pulling them OUT :eek: )

    See, I AM listening to you. Thanks so much.

  9. gmr

    gmr New Member

    Thanks, too, Jim. That puts another twist on the choice.

    We do have one friend who has an Arwa. My husband asked him about how to fix it. He said he didn't have to. He had a ceramic cartridge and a filter on the line to keep the particles out.

    Seems to me that there are other pieces that could need to be fixed...?

    Yet one more important consideration.
  10. plumber1

    plumber1 Plumber

    There is no faucet that won't need attention at some time.

    I can buy and install just about any faucet that I choose and I too choose Delta for my place. I also prefer no frills faucets.

    I wholeheartedly see it Marks way...
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