Extra long dishwasher air gap connection

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  1. blanca

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    Los Angeles, CA
    We need to accomodate an extra thick countertop (3") and a above counter farmhouse sink (10").
    I need to locate or create a very long dishwasher air gap connection.
    Any ideas? Inspector will not ok "loop" inline instead.
  2. cacher_chick

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    Land of Cheese
    You might consider putting the air gap next to the sink. The countertop can have a blind hole cut in from the bottom to remove some of the excess thickness.
  3. air break is needed; an air gap (as a product) is a subset of all the options you can implement. Also allowed: a standpipe or any other indirect drain. Also, the air gap can go on a window sill, and some people have even installed "Johnson" tee's to get outside air through the wall..
  4. Take pictures of your situation. There's quite a few options to employ.
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