External Frige Water Filter - compression fitting leaking

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    My Dad is installing a new filter and unfortunately he thought he was supposed to cut the old nut off of the copper tubing and put in the one that came with the new filter. He couldn't get the ferul (sp) into the pipe. I figured it was the pipe crimped inward due to the cut. It was, and I flared it a little with a knife. Still the new fitting leaks. I re-cut the pipe twice and once I got the leak to stop til I bent the tubing some to get the filter back horizontal where the frige could be pushed against the wall. It started leaking again.
    I just have the worse luck with compression fittings. Is there any reliable method short of sweating on a connector to do this? I was wondering if one of those screw on flexible hoses could be used instead of copper?
    If not, what am I doing wrong? Instead of the filter just flapping in the breeze, should I maybe secure it to the wall with a short connection to the valve, then have six or eight feet of coiled tubing going to the frige? He has about three or four feet of bent up tubing going to the value, and about two feet going to the frige.
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    A longer loop that won't stress the connection. A lot of people seem to use the hoses. Can't say, mine is copper. I've got probably a loop 4-5 feet in diameter behind the frige so it easily allows the thing to be pulled out without a chance of kinking or stressing the connections.

    You need to ensure the cut is square, you've got full diameter, and it is fully seated into the fitting. THen, it's a matter of getting it tight enough , but not too tight. Takes some finese, but normally, finger tight, then try about 1/2-turn. Then, maybe 1/4-turn at a time more until it doesn't leak.
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    Thanks Jim.
    It just seems such a flaky connection in any case. When I purchased my current home, I didn't understand why the previous owner left his refrigerator in the kitchen. It was not on the list of items that he was leaving. Turns out a compression fitting leak behind the frige had soaked and damaged the floor was the reason he was so generous...keeping the frige in place to hide the problem.
    Is there a connector that can be sweat onto that small copper tube?
    I would think it should have to have a turn-able nut in order that the filter could be screwed on. If it were a fixed piece, how could you connect the other end after having rotated the filter onto a fixed nut? If there is a piece that can be sweat on that has a rotatable nut, then I'd think there would be some possibility of leaks due to the connection of the rotating nut to the sweated joint. I'm just guessing here.
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    I had someone ask me to replace their filter like this and what a pain in the a!@ that was. I know exactly what you're talking about and all I can say is use some tef tape and pipe dope too. Was the only sure way I was going to leave the house with some dignity.
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