exhaust fans like they used to make em?

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    I'm installing an exhaust fan in a wet bath that will have some pretty high steam levels and will likely be converted a steam room.
    Should I bother getting an exhaust fan with a motor like they used to make (I mean like the 50 year old exhaust fan in my kitchen that had run silently 24/7 since august 2012.)
    Or should I go to el cheapo and buy one that I know I need to replace the motor every two years?
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    quote; getting an exhaust fan with a motor like they used to make

    They never made things "like they used to make them".
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    Shaded Pole motors are cheap.

    That is about as simple as it gets.

    Nothing to wear out except the Bearings/Bushings.
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    I don't think there is any vent fan on the market which is more quiet than the Panasonic units.
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    One thing I have in my master bath is a www.solatube.com tubular skylight with a vent fan and internal light fixture for night. I love it. The fan is remote, so you do not hear it run, and in bright sunlight, the thing provides the equivalent of up to a 300W light bulb! Mine's been in now for nearly 10-years, and the fan is still quiet, no leaks, and even at night, if the moon is out or there's snow on the roof (from the streetlights reflecting), there's enough light to see and not bump into things. This bathroom does not have any outside walls, so there are no windows except for the skylight - it took me several years to not reach for the light switch when leaving the room. When I looked at them and compared, the Solatube had the best color temp (the closest to natural light)...most of the others were either not as efficient, or the interior was not polished as much, or they used a material that colored the light some (often bluish). They've changed the rooftop domed light collector from a parabolic mirror to a Fresnel lens and the internal air grate is now flush, mine is a torus around the light and stuck down from the ceiling. It makes a really nice addition to any darker room when you have access to the roof for the tube.

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