Elbow With Low Heel Inlet to connect Tub & Sepperate Shower

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    Can an elbow be used with the heel inlet in the vertical position for connecting 2 drain lines such as a separate shower and tub. I have seen posts that say this is not the intended use for this fitting, however it works, and that better practice would be to use a sanitary T with side inlet? The vent would be coming off the tub line a few feet away from the fitting. Everything connects to a vertical drain going to the floor below. I am trying to avoid drilling more holes in floor joists that are already drilled to death! Thank you.

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    In theory it is the same as a full sized sanitary tee with a bushing, but you would have to run it by your inspector because some do NOT like heel inlet 1/4 bends.

    Here is a tee with a side inlet.

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