Ejector Pump Float Adjustment

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    ON, Canada
    I have added a shower, toilet and sink to my basement which all feeds into a 3" PVC drain pipe that I have routed into the pit that already had on drain pipe that was servicing the laundry tub and florr drain. I have replaced the pump with a sewage ejector pump and now find that the water level rises very high vefore the Flotec pump kicks in. But the real question I have is this....
    Since the level comes up very high now where it did not before, the water is rising above the inlet pipes and draining out of the pit through the space around the polyethylene pit drain pipe entry holes. These holes were not cut any closer than a snug fit around the 3" Pvc pipe. I didn't think the water level would be rising that high. I know this is not good because the water could cause problems under the floor with erosion and whatnot. Is there a different pump I should use that would be adjustable? Or should I just find a way to seal the drain inlets where they enter the pit? Maybe some kind of epoxy or watrproofing sealer putty is what I would guess would work. Any ideas or suggestions?
    Any help is appreciated.. Thanx
  2. what did you do??

    Was this a sewage pit that was used here???

    It sounds like the pit is shallow if the pump wont kick in

    quick enough.....

    did they install some sort of sump pump pit and then
    install a toilet to it???

    theonly thing you can do is get a pump like a Zoeller that you can

    adjust the lever on it so it comes on quickly...

    or if you already got a pump with two wires
    comming off the pump for both switch and pump,
    just go out and buy an adjustable switch and set it on low
  3. lenbiedron

    lenbiedron New Member

    ON, Canada
    Thanx for the reply Master Mark.
    The pit is about 18"X30" deep and was before my starting this project, only used for the floor drain near the furnace, water heater and water softener and the laundry tub. All of these drained into the pit on one drain line. I have added a 3" PVC drain line that also drains into this pit for the bathroom I'm adding.
    Hmmm... Your solutions are interesting. A Zoeller pump. Where is a good place to buy them? I used a Flotec $299 sewage pumpo from Home Depot, I wonder if they'll take it back still.

    Yes, there are two cords coming off the unit; one is from the float switch and the other plugs into that one at the receptacle. So I can but and adjustable float for the pump pand just use that instead? I didn't know I could. Any brand recommendations for that? That sounds like the best idea to me. I guess the less p**p in the pit the better, so I definitely want the pump to keep the water level as low as possible, certainmly under the inlet pipes.
    Thanx Again, Mark
  4. switches

    they make verticle switches for sump pumps
    that would work ok for what you got going on

    they tie onto the pipe with a SS clamp

    but a question for you

    Is this a sealed system or does this pit
    also pump out surface water from around the foundation???

    If it pumps out foundation water too , you have
    got a big problem...

    at leaset in the mid west you are suppposed to have a
    separate pit for sewage water going to the sewer
    and a separate pit for
    normal rainwater around the foundation being pumped out
    into the yard..

    what you have in therory will work, untill someday
    you try to sell the house ....

    If an inspector catches it
    they can make you separate the two types of water
    cause you arent supposed to put surface water into the sewer system

    every time it rains , \ surface water usually
    overwhelms the city sewers processing center..

    that can turn into a big, big problem
    if you are ever going to sell the house.

    if you are set up that way, you are in trouble
    and you will eventually have to do something about it
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