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    I appologize for not having a diagram.

    I am living in an Amish house I recently purchased which means no plumbing. I am remodeling a wood room which was an addition to the original house and uses conventional 2x6 framing. Room is open from the ground to the roof (used to store kitchen stove wood) Adding a floor which leaves a 4ft crawl space, so this room has all the access I need for the DWV and water lines. Room is ~13x11.

    Question 1: Visualize you are looking at the middle of the one wall. In the right corner will be the toilet (~36" space) and to the left of that will be a partition wall coming out at you with a tub/shower to the left. The wall holds the water/valves. The main drain will flow to the right of the toilet. So the tub will flow towards the toilet and then both will flow to the main drain. I am wondering if I can put my main vent in between the tub and shower in that partion wall (or outside wall) and run it straight up out the roof? Since it is the main vent I assume that a 3" is appropriate. On that same line of thought... as you are facing the tub and toilet... behind you will be a washing machine and vanity sink which will tie into the vent system in the attic and their drains will be combined prior to connecting to the main drain. I want to make sure it is OK to tie the washing machine and vanity drains (which are combined into 1) into the main drain to the right (and downstream) of the tub/toilet drain.

    Question 2: Facing the same wall as question 1 except on the other end of the house we are adding a kithchen cabinet which will hold our sink(Amish don't use built in cabinets). Running the drain to the sink is no problem since there is a full cellar. The problem is how to vent it. Sink only no dishwasher. The 2nd floor is finished and then there is an attic. The sink cabinet will be on an outside wall in front of a large picture window. No real way to run a vent stack up the wall and out the roof. The drain that the sink ties to is in the cellar and comes down from the second floor where a small shower/toilet is being install but that is being vented directly up through the roof so the is no vent pipe below the second floor. The only thing I can think of is one of those air inlet valve things I've seen in Lowes but I not sure exactly how they work or how to install it with a double sink.

    Any ideas?

    All help appreciated!

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    This is not really a DIY compatible project. There is no way we could DESCRIBE how to run the piping and expect you to understand how to do it correctly.
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    You cannot combine the washing machine on a lavatory drain.
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    I agree with you and I should have made the question simpler (more clear). I was having a venting discussion with a potential contractor and the basic question is/was:

    Toilet to the right, tub to the left, wall separating them. Drain to drain diastance~ 3feet. Can we run a vent in that wall straight up and out the roof. This puts the vent in between the toilet and shower. We are trying not to tear into an outside wall.

    Any other fixture that is installed in the future will eventually tie into this stack up in the ceiling/attic.
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