Duravit Happy D or Toto Aquia

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    This forum has been very useful for someone building a home without the ability to physically evaluate options (not always easy...). We have narrowed our decision down to the Duravit Happy D or Toto Aquia. If anyone has any suggestions or useful experiences between the two (given that we don't have access to see them), we would be most interested in your insight.

    Thank you very much!
  2. Peanut9199

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    Ontario, Canada
    The Happy D #D14023 "Dual-Flush" looks like a standard 2 piece toilet with a dual-flush actuator on top. Flush wise it's not as good as the Toto and for the price $735.00 US or less seat $600.00 it's a lot more expensive.

    The Aquia CST413M "Dual-Flush" has a more modern look and flushes well.
    The list price on that is $395.00 less seat and i would put the SS204 "Oval" seat on it it has a list of $83.00.

    So in my opion i would go with the Toto Aquia
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