Drywell for washing machine discharge okay?

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    My mother's house has a septic tank and long ago, they separated the washing machine's output to an independent drywell. Recently she noticed water bubbling up on the ground when the WM pump was running. She's going to call a plumber, but I was wondering if this sort of thing is still allowed, and if so, what might be the best solution. The pipe going out of the house is galvanized, so it may have just collapsed (it's probably been 45-years). Unfortuneately, it runs under a low deck, so that would have to be almost dismantled to get to it. I suggested that she have a new line run to get it to an area where she could go elsewhere, and not have to deal with the deck, but if it now needs to go into the septic tank, that's another thing altogether. She's in a suburb of Rochester, NY, far enough away where I don't even want to think of digging things up myself.
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    Where I grew up in MA, we had a dry well for the washing machine and basement sump pump. I suspect today, they would not allow that. But the maple tree we planted adjacent to the drywell is about 100' tall now!
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