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  1. Still_Waters_43

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    My vent goes to the outside through my garage. I have tried several vents over the years but tossed them because of excessive lint buildup which keeps the vent flap open (till I noticed that is:rolleyes:) Anyway my current vent has a magnetic closer flap. The problem is it has a wire mesh just inside the flap (good for keeping critters out), but it also collects lint :mad:

    Years ago I lived in an apartment that had a flap that opened electrically (whenever the dryer was turned on) does anyone know where I could find one of these today?.
  2. jadnashua

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    There's one I've seen that curves vertical. Then, there's a cup that fits over the end. The air pressure causes it to rise, leaving a fairly unobstructed outlet. When the dryer stops, gravity causes the cup to drop, sealing it well from all critters. If I remember, it is paintable. I saw this at HD awhile ago, but don't know if they carry it still or how widespread it is. I first noticed it in a magazine, maybe Popular Electronics.
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    There is a lot of lint in dryer exhaust. Pretty much no way of getting around that. You can try to find some kind of flapper which is more lint friendly. I just clean it out once in a while.
  4. delta d

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    you can purchase a coil brush from lowe's to clean it out once a month or so and continue using a normal vent flap. maintenance is king of this problem
  5. Still_Waters_43

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    Bump!, so no one has seen an electrical vent :confused:
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