double sink garbage disposer with drain behind disposer

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    Jan 23, 2010
    The actual install of the new disposer where there wasn't previously one wasn't too tough for this new DIY'er. Putting the plumbing back is proving to be challenging. I have found tons of diagrams of double sinks with the garbage disposer but none of which showing the drain connection behind the disposer. Is this unheard of? My disposer is installed on the left side of the double sink, which happens to be where the drain connection is. The disposer connection is about 7 inches higher than the drain connection in the wall. There isn't much room behind the disposer, the distance from the drain connection to the bottom of the disposer is about 9 inches which doesn't leave much room for plumbing connections. The wye is too large, for example. Does any one have any ideas? Thanks.

    Sorry about the crude drawing. Needless to say I am neither a plumber or an artist by day.

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