disposal suddenly leaking at drain outlet

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    So I did the DW air gap install as part of a DW replacement- kills me that HD offers one cheap plastic model only in my area. The sink top gasket compresses all uneven and looks like crap.. Anyways, in the process I must have shaken something wrong, although it seemed very smooth and nothing really got disturbed, but now when I run the disposal (possibly ten years old, not too bad, an ISE 333 1/2 HP) it leaks terribly at the metal gasket connection to the drain outlet... is it a disturbed or bad gasket? I hate to shell out $100 plus for a new disposal now when it has alwasy worked fine.. If it is the gasket, can it be replaced and can I find the part? If I do so, should I add a P-trap between the disposal drain outlet and the right hand bowl's main drain?
    I should add that I really appreciate these answers to my multiple recent posts- I am just a DIY guy on what seems like a mainly pro forum. This website is great, and I for one know when enough is enough and I need to call a professional, and what their value is. I am an architect, and although often a plumber's nemisis ( I do commercial though) I also see many homeowners screw up DIY remodels.
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    You would have to take apart the connection to see what the problem is.
    It could be as simple as a gasket out of place or it may be as complex as a badly corroded disposer outlet and a disposer needing replacement.
    You don't know until you look!
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    That joint seldom leaks once it has been installed properly, unless the disposer shell has deteriorated. No way to tell until you take it apart.
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    Shell pout the money. Get your self a nice new shinny 3/4 hp. I would replace a 10 yr old disposer.
  5. jimbo

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    I agree even your good quality disposer is unlikely to still be chopping the garbage very well after 10 years.

    But in answer to your question, there is a rubber gasket where your pipe is held in place by a metal clamp, which probably has 1, or maybe 2 screws in it. The gasket is easily replaced
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    I noticed mine leaked there one day and before I got around to investigating, it got bumped, and literally fell off to the bottom of the cabinet. It had corroded and weakened and only took a small bump to break it off. It only leaked when the water volume was high, it normally drained fine and didn't leak before this.
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    Many disposers, particularly older ones, have an aluminum housing. This housing eats away and becomes pitted and eventually disintegrates.

    Insinkerator-type disposers are held in place by a large rubber gasket at the top and the aluminum-housings have a small flange that fits into this rubber gasket. When the aluminum rots away, the disposer can fall right out into the cabinet.

    Additionally, the rubber gasket on the side where the tubing connects can also rot away. If the problem is simply a rotten gasket, a new disposer drain gasket can be installed, but if it's the metal corroding, the new gasket isn't going to help and I'd guess the small flange around the top isn't far behind.

    Newer Insinkerators use plastic housings instead of aluminum, which never rots. However, when the kids dump aquarium gravel into it, or a penny, it can fire right through the plastic, rendering the new disposer useless.


    My recommendation is to get a higher-end disposer with a stainless-steel housing. Not only will this not get punctured, but it will never rot. In addition, if you have a 3/4 hp motor instead of the puny 1/2 hp motor, you'll find that it grinds much more efficiently. Also, an auto-reversing motor is far less likely to jam and need service.

    Then, all you have to worry about is that you pour water into it that is too hot and melt the seals. No boiling water! When you pour out a hot pot of water, run cold with it and pour slowly. Those who do canning need to know this! You can destroy a new disposer in a matter of weeks. (Plastic tubular plumbing won't withstand it, either.)
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