Dishwasher installation, far from Sink

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Hello all,
    I have an installation where my dishwasher is a considerable distance from my sink. My kitchen layout is in a "U" configuration. With my sink being in the bottom of the U. The dishwasher to the left. The distance around the corner from sink center to dishwasher center is 9'10". The water supply is a no brainer.
    But I'm needing information to run the waste.
    My cabinets kickspace is built independent of the cabinets so I have some space to play with there.
    Is the drain in a dishwasher a forced type drain or a gravity feed?
    I can always make a drop below the floor for a shorter run?

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  2. radiator hose

    just go to the store and buy some

    radiator hose with a inside diameter of copper1/2 od

    get some stainless steel clamps and use some 1/2 copper to

    insert into the hose and clamp it down the outlet

    comming off the dishwasher.....

    then do the same thing going into the disposal....

    shoould work for about 35 years..
  3. tbplumbloco

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    dish washer drain

    The DW is a forced drain,DW pumps to disposal or DW branch on waste pipes under sink.Just remember to loop the discharge line thru the first cabinet as high as possible.If you go the other route,under the floor,hard pipe it to the existing k-drain you must still keep the high loop of flexiable discharge so that if the k-drain would back-up it would back-up in your sink rather than the DW.
  4. jadnashua

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    I put some pvc under the floor with barbed hose ends then connected the DW's hose to one end and a short piece at the sink end...been working fine for several years. I felt happier with the pvc than hose hidden in the floor.
  5. thuffner3

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I vaugely remeber taking out a few DW's for ceramic installation. I've not seen high loops in the waste lines. Perhaps they were installed improperely or the distance was such that it wasn't necessary.
    I can see the need to have a high loop to prevent waste from coming back into the DW. my concern was mainly the distance.
    I can easily make this loop just out of the DW, but what of the waste that may sit in the waste tube between the DW and the disposal?
    Can I run this tube into a, say 1" PVC pipe under the floor into a "y" connector to my primary waste? May venting is an issue with this type of install?

    Thanks guys.
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