Dishwasher Height and New Hardwood Floor

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    I'm planning on adding 3/4 hardwood floor in the kitchen and replacing the dishwasher. However, the clearance for the dishwasher afterwards will only be 33 3/4". I read most rough-in specs say 34 or even 34 1/4". The countertop is not alterable since it is ceramic tile, even on the front edge.

    I'm sure someone has encountered this issue before. So does anyone know if shorter "standard" dishwashers are available (not the super compact ones)? What have you done in this case?

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    Dishwashers, such as Whirlpool, have setting for their minimum and maximum opening heights. You have to check specifications to see what they are. DO NOT install the dishwasher first and then install the hardwood flooring, unless you never intend to remove the dishwasher.
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    Maytag is in essence an orphan, or unknown quantity now, since they were bought out by whirlpool.

    Bosch has some shorter rough ins, but then you are stuck with the Bosch.

    Almost all dishwashers have 4 adjustment legs, and if you completely remove the legs, you can gain about 1/4" . You would have to see if someone in a showroom would let you fiddle with one and take some measurements to see if you can squeak it in/
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    Whirlpools have wheels at the back that you move up and down to adjust the height specifications.
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    I had to cut the feet off my dishwasher to get the thing out after I had hardwoods installed.
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    Bosch and LG dw's need 34" period. There are no tricks to get them to fit like rocking 'em in on there back legs. Also much easier installing those two particular models with a continouus floor all the way to the back of the opening.

    My maximum minimum ( :) ) before I will tell the customer either raise the countertop or take some floor out is just under 33 3/4". 33 1/2" is very iffy. There could very well be damage to the tile bullnose if you don't have enough room to slide the unit in there.
    If the unit ever needs servicing and the servicer needs to remove the unit and can't because of these very circumstances you will be faced with raising the countertop or taking floor out, both are very unnecessary tasks but I have run into them a fair many times.
  8. This is where I proudly refer dishwasher replacements away with no second guessing of how brutal these can be, given the situation.

    Any of you plumbers that have enough years in the trade know what and how these go at times....and it just isn't as easy as people think it is.

    I've done cheapies and the high end Asko's...all that were enjoyable to say the least. :rolleyes:

    I wish it was "just a water and drain line".

    The new or existing floor, the insulation wrap, the finished trim pieces are something that can be very disheartening at times.

    Those guys who do 8 to 10 a day? Have at it.
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    I ran into the same problem and found a Sweedish dishwasher that is full size that requires only 31 inches in height. It still fits into a conventional 24 inch cabinet space.
    I purchased this dishwasher because I had installed ceramic tile in kitchen. Have granite counter tops and trying to raise countertop was not an option
    The dishwasher is made by ASKO. All stainless steel interior, low db noise level. High quality unit. Hope this helps you.
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