discovered 2 holes in the 3" copper vent

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    I am remodeling a bathroom. When the old drywall was removed I discovered 2 holes in the 3" copper vent stack behind the toilet. The small hole is approx. 1/8" diameter and the other approx. 1/2" diameter. The surface around the holes also seems to be deteriorating. My question: Should I replace a section of the tubing or is there a suitable patching method that can fix this problem? Or, are there other options to consider?
  2. bite the bullet

    if you got problems in the stack,
    in time you are probably going to have more.

    if you dont do it while you got the wall open, you will probably live to regret it.

    if you have only a one story house it isnt all that bad to do...

    but if its already doing it in the vertical stack,
    it means the horizontal line is probably even much worse.

    I have gotten myself out of troubles by useing a fernco clamp and plenty of silicone . Cut the clamp and use it like a band aid over the spot and smear plenty of silicone on it then clamp it down tight...
  3. rehabclone

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    Thanks Mark, I guess.

    I wasn't really thinking about possible issues with the horizontal.

    One point I left out is the area around the two holes had a dark discoloration, almost like a burnished look. I didn't see similar markings on the drywall or studs in the immediate vacinity but who knows what previous owners may have done.

    The house is a ranch and was built in the late sixties. I thought the lifespan of copper was better than 35 years. Don't you think this was a manmade and not a natural occurance?

  4. sewer gas vapors

    if you are on a septic it is probably just the natural erosion of the pipe due to the acid in the vapors going up the stink pipe....

    the same with the city sewer....just normal

    I have the same thing in my home and will some day have to change out a 12 foot section of horizontal 3 inch copper line going across my sons bedroom ceiling and down through his closet . its the toilet line to our second floor bathroom and I have patched it once already.

    I never finished off the ceiling where I put the patch, directly under the toilet, I just put up a piece of plywood and painted it white .. basically its an access panel for the day it rears up its ugly head again.

    Its not going to be a pretty sight when I finally, absolutely have to do it.

    If you got things wide open already, just grin and bear it like a man.

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