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  1. I've been putting these valves in for years and I am curious if any plumbers notice this when installing them.

    Whether you use the plastic shroud or not when installing the valve, no matter if it is a thick wall or thin, when you tighten the screws either evenly or alter back and forth the valve never tightens down perpendicular to the wall you mounted the faucet on.

    Not once have I ever had a complaint of this situation but I'm a perfectionist when putting the final touches on any item I touch in plumbing. I've tried numerous ways to get the valve to straighten out but I really think that the way the screws are set at the 2 and 7 o'clock positions is what is causing the proper straight alignment. Like I stated above, I've been installing these for years and with or without the shroud, they all angle to some degree. I put in 2 just this past week with each one having totally different circumstances and neither one I could get to straighten out on the final tightening of the valve.
  2. it isnt the valve.....

    you are getting too involved with your plumbing,

    its becomming PERSONAL....

    been there and done that

    looking and seeing things that the average customer never

    can see. (because they are morons)

    ...... I used to put a level on my two handle tub faucets

    and al level on my toilet tanks too

    to make sure that they were straight

    its all just a mental game or thing that I think most plumbers start doing to

    themselves after a while..............because no one else really cares......

    Basically its toooooo much plumbing

    and very little vacation time .........

    you ought to go fly fishing and forget about it....
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    Which direction are you having the problem with them? The alignment of the face plate, stem, and the wall, which is a function of how you secure the valve in the wall. If the plate is vertical and the valve is fastened, then it cannot pull forward to go out of alignment.
  4. When you snug the two long screws to secure the plate, the body of the valve with the chrome trim sleeve will pull to the left if you are facing it inside the tub. You have to stand up and look down to see that it is trying to pull that way and even though you can alternate tightening the screws down to adjust it, eventually you run out of threads and you basically have to break the distance the best you can.

    And, this is either with the mounting plate (shroud) flat and even against the back wall or without the plate in back with 4 copper pipes coming out of the valve......evenly touching the wall behind it. But as I stated, no customers are complaining, I just was curious to know if anyone else notices this problem.

    I would bet it has something to do with the screw placement; it seems to always turn the valve towards that lower screw. :confused:
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    The plate is a guide. You have to screw the valve to a wood support so it cannot pull forward, or twist, or, but less desirable, fasten the pipes to the studs so they secure the valve.
  6. The one I installed this past sunday night I had to mount to the back brace since the shroud would never work in the replacement of the valve. Most times that is never the case but I took advantage of the bracing since I like installing them this way.

    That bracket you speak of is very very thin and allows movement of the valve to some degree. This job in particular I noticed the valve being distorted more than the rest of them. I appreciate the help though. MPM is on the money, I'm burned out from the past week, made good money and even did some water heater replacements, think of that :eek: but the money was good and timing was perfect; no steps to climb, customers paying cash and some even leaving me a blank check before I get done. Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo! $$$

    Gotta love a good reputation in the business; people trust you and I dare not take advantage of it. It makes work a pleasure.

    I heard this from Kenny Rogers this morning on The Today Show that his mom told him, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

    I can honestly say, with the exception of physical pain caused by this profession, I love what I do and it doesn't even feel like work sometimes. I absolutely could not say that if I worked as a plumber for someone else. Too many perks/rewards doing what I do in having my own business.
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    I have always told people that if you don't like what you are doing, quit and do something else or you will be miserable for the rest of your life. I had friends who worked for Allis-Chalmers and hated going to work in the morning. When I asked them why they did it, the said that the benefits were too good to quit. I have always had a good time when I worked for someone else. In fact I told my wife I would never go into business for myself. But that was before circumstances forced me to do it.
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