Delta Dilemma

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  1. Cass

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    Delta Problem

    I have a customer with a 1400 series Delta tub / shower valve with brass trim. It also has the push button diverter just below the handle. They want to change over to the SS finish with a new trim kit. They no longer make a trim kit with a divert hole. I would like to plug the diverter hole and use a tub spout diverter. Then the new trim kit will fit.

    Does anyone know what the diverter thread is on the valve so I can plug it.

    I am trying to avoid taking the part in hand and trying to find what I need and am hoping someone has done this already.
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  2. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    It is a special thread sealed with an "O" ring, so about the only thing you can do is take the diverter unit and modify it by sealing the hole in it. One other consideration is that you have to be sure the bolt holes in the new plate are in the same orientation as the old one. Some of the old ones had the two openings next to each other whereas the new ones are opposite each other in a diagonal pattern.
  3. you are screwed

    I might be wrong, but trying to rig
    up something to plug up a diverter in a

    Delts 1400 faucet is probably close to impossible

    It Might actually take you less time just to change out the faucet..than to fool around trying to re-invent the wheel...

    good luck
  4. If you know how to solder real good....

    Cut the pushbutton flush with the threaded assembly that goes into the valve, wire brush the chrome finish off it completely....beat a small piece of 1/2" copper down flat and clean both sides and flux, solder.

  5. Rugged....

    Rugged that how you fix stuff in Kentucky???


    on another note,

    I literally froze my hat off today......

    did 4 pipe thawings at 250 each..... min charge....

    I am trying to thaw them out right now with a galss of Jack Daniels...
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  6. lol........maybe :0~

    I've never done the above before but I can work with copper and brass real well. I've made faucets that have no extension kits available for granite, work with the use of those two components and a little time.

    How was Indy up there today with all the hoop la and the colts? I have a cousin up there that is the head of the DEA and is the lead man in security for the Colts whereever they go.

    Here's something I do on occaision when a piping scheme is all fittings and hardly no pipe:

    Old OLD copper pipe systems with a million stop valves and the like....

    Remove the entire valve assembly, remove the packing nut which is always quite large on the old ones, sand the brass completely clean in the area where the stem bore was and clean the outside top of a 1/2" or 3/4" copper cap.

    Solder the two together and now you've built a cap for an existing valve that would be too much trouble to remove and involved, you gain the flow you was losing when the stem assembly was in. It works I promise. I have numerous old buildings I do consistent work in and I always check to make sure they are holding.

    A good solder connection of those two materials is usually rock solid.

    On another note,

    Got 18 service calls whiz through my office today, I pushed 6 to tomorrow and wednesday.

    Going to replace a sump pump @ 10 tonight and tomorrow I have to run a new copper line that froze and bust above the floor in a 4 unit building.

    I did another job today where the fire department turned the water off to the entire house at the main. Couldn't get the damn valve to turn so I unscrewed the incoming side of the meter and wah lah! Ice and I'm sure the entire home is froze solid.

    I don't own one of those thawers......I'd like to but not at $580. I did however think that it would of been a good one for the call I'm talking about but what are the chances that low current can have an adverse effect on something in the home?

    I've been told they are great for outside water services but I've never heard of it's use inside.

    My truck parked on the street was worth more than the house I was working at, literally. Didn't want to invest too much time there and that waiting game would suck.

    I did get the main to blow out ice and run...but I'm sure it froze back up in ten minutes flat.

    These are the days when I wish that my repeat customers DIDN'T call me when I get this busy. I'm too old for this cold weather crap and it's murder on my hands.

    Is it really worth it to buy a dethawer without entangling yourself into a spider's web? Plastic pipe intermixed kills that use completely.

    Someone told me one of those small arc welders with the amperage turned down to 5 amps does the same thing. Or was that the trick to shock a pond and bring the fish up to do a head count?
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  7. pipe thawers

    you can get a little "hot shot" in this town for about

    $450.00 ... I have only one right now...

    I had a second one brand new in the box a few years ago but

    took it back to the supply house cause it just had not been cold enough at that time ..... I had it just in case...

    so I took it back and got a credit on my account before any of
    my great employees could steal it from me...

    you cant win them all , but with the right conditions,

    you can really rake in some money ..... very quickly.....

    sometimes it takes longe r to drag the thing into the home
    and set it up than for the pipe to thaw out....

    at 200-250 per call..... you break even very quickly

    and you put the hot shot back in moth-balls when spring comes

    I got one today where I am going to have to run an extra long cable into this god awful shanty from the outside meter
    all the way to the laundry lines at the far end of the house

    that will be fun
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  8. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Mark what brand do you have and how long have you had it?

    How long are the cables?
  9. its called a "hot shot" by general

    Our supplier had some for 425.00 but now they
    are all gone........

    the cables are 25 foot long each....

    and you can add all the extra cable you want to

    not much more than jumper cables will work

    I have literally miles of old calbes from old pipe thawers
    that have been thrown out long ago

    2 hour delay for the kids to go to school today......

    I got stuck at home with them till 10.......
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  10. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona
    arc welders

    In Chicago, we could get welders to use their units to thaw pipes, until they did one where the pipe had broke and separated in the wall. The arc welder had enough power to create an arc across the gap and burned the house down. After that they would not come out any longer.
  11. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Conclusion to the Matter

    No need to replace the valve just because they no longer make the trim parts.

    I went over and pulled the push button diverter out. After removing the diverter rod what I ended up doing is removing the O ring and cleaning the brass bushing. I took a 3/8 copper cap and cleaned it, then silver soldered it upside down on the bushing. I then cut the remainder of the protruding stem off which left a small hole and filled it with caulk. I cleaned it all up and reinstalled the O ring, then reinstalled the new "diverter" which is now a glorified plug. The new trim with diverter spout worked great.
  12. another quality repair...

    Cass......It sounds like you got away with murder.....

    and it dont leak.......
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  13. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    The customer was watching the whole process and was very happy we didn't have to cut his hallway wall to change out the valve just because they didn't make the trim any more. Now that I figured out how to do it it would take me all of about 10-15 min. to do one. The 3/8 copper cap fits perfectly on the bushing. I probably didn't need silver solder but used it anyway.
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