Delta 1300 vs. 1700

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  1. CarlH

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    I see that some of the plumbers here have a preference for installing the 1700 series Delta. Why do you prefer this over the 1300 series?
    Is the 1700 more reliable?
    Is it overall customer satisfaction with having separate temp and flow control?
    Are they easier to service than the 1300?
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  2. jadnashua

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    Double-check the specs, but I think with the 1700, you can use either thermostatic or pressure balance. I personally much prefer thermostatic.
  3. CarlH

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    I was curious as to why the preference. Now that you mention it, lets throw the thermostatic Delta valve into the mix.

    With the R10000 universal valve body. You can put 13/14, 17, or a 17T trim kit on it. What was 1300, 1400, and 1700 they now have an equivalent series 13, 14, and 17. The 17T is the thermostatic version.

    With the newer installation documents they have a chart showing which cartridges fit what.

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  4. 1700 is best

    the 1700 is the best becasue you can adjust the temperature to your tolerance level and you can also adjust the volume of water comming out of the valve...

    the 1300 is simply a handle that you turn counter clockwise , once it comes on basically you have full volume of water, from cold all the way up to the hottest it goes...

    wether you like it or not...

    we have had a few problems with the new style
    units that are transferrable.... the 0 rings began to leak on a few of them....

  5. CarlH

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    Northern VA
    Thanks Mark, I'd call that a customer satisfaction reason. I'm quite familiar with the 1300 series and how it operates. My house is full of builder grade Delta and the only Delta fixtures that have required regular maintenance is the 1300 and 1400 valves that I have. I've had to put a handful of seats and a new cartridge in each over the past 14 years.
  6. Gary Swart

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    I just replaced my old valve with the 1700 and it is great. My wife hounded me to get a control that would not only adjust temperature but flow. Wish I had done it long ago.
  7. The 1300 series, a tub and shower faucet with the R10000 valve body can be bought for the very low price of $73 at Lowe's/Home Depot.

    I'd buy that over just about any other product name out there, knowing how universal that valve body offers for trim kits.

  8. What O-rings are you speaking of?

    Tub spout? Or the cartridge where it seals behind the bonnet nut?
  9. hj

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    With the 1700 you can adjust the temperature knob and leave it there, using the large lever for volume on/off and flow adjustment. The others you have to turn the valve on and then adjust the temperature every time to get it right.

    Rugged, I am talking about the way they sell the NEW IMPROVED Delta faucet now...

    you buy a generic brass body that will accept either a 1700 or 1300 brass cartridge that inserts into the base...

    that is the way the supply houses are selling them here.. I guess it keeps down the merchandise in stock.. take up less room...

    anyway the 1700 insert that goes into the
    rough inn body in the wall has "O" rings that seal
    the deal when inserted .....

    we had one recently where the whole faucet had to be torn out due to some sort of corrosion on the brass that wold not let the "O" ring keep a tight seal...

    I much prefer the normal full brass body instead of this fancy upgrade that probably will cause everyone troubles in 5 years..

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