Deep Well Pump Runs Continuously

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  1. Blue Ribbon

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    I've read several other posts, but didn't see any that matched my situation exactly.

    I have a 3/4 hp deep well jet pump that has had several recent episodes of running continuously. At first, I was able to adjust to pressure switch to get it to shut off, and I eventually replaced the switch, thinking that the contacts were worn. The new switch seemed to work for a few weeks, but the continuous running problem has returned.

    This time, the pump can't seem to build any pressure, which wasn't the case previously. I adjusted the switch again, but the pump now shuts off at 35-40 psi, and has trouble building even that much pressure. This is just a temporary fix until I can find the real problem. I can still pump water to the house.

    I can shut the distribution valves off and the problem is the same, so it isn't a leak. I replaced the foot valve a couple of years ago when I replaced the pipe in the well and the pump holds its prime, so I don't think that's the issue, but I can't eliminate this possibility completely. I also haven't checked the bladder pressure in the tank, so I'll do that tomorrow.

    I suspect that the pump, which is about 10 years old, may be wearing out, which would help explain why the problem has gotten gradually worse over time rather than the sudden and complete failure of a component. I am ready to purchase another pump, but wanted to see if I was missing anything before going to this expense.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!
  2. Pumpman

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    So. Cal
    While you could be correct that the pump has excessive wear, which would cause it to act this way, there could also be a problem with the deep well ejector. The ejector has a nozzle in it that has an opening of about 3/16" and could be plugged up. When this happens, the pump cannot build pressure.
    After 10 years it might be worth inspecting the pump and replacing/repairing the deep well ejector. Might even want to look at installing a submersible pump.
  3. sammyhydro11

    sammyhydro11 Previous member

    Pumpman is right on. I would also ssupect the nozzle in the jet assembly and if the well is big enough then go with a submersible.

  4. masterpumpman

    masterpumpman New Member

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Replace or repair the jet assembly.

    Jet Pumps seldom wear out but the Jet in the well does! Change the Jet assembly in the well.

  5. speedbump

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    Riverview, Fl.
    When you do get the pump to shut off. Does it hold pressure?

    If your gauge is correct, I have never seen a deep well jet pump that could make more than 30 psi with a plugged nozzle. So a new gauge might be in order. The tank has nothing to do with the pumps ability to build pressure.

    If the pump does stay up to pressure after it shuts off, you may be going into a draught condition where the jet has to lift the water further which would steal pressure away from the pump.

  6. WellWaterProducts

    WellWaterProducts In the trades

    Northwood NH
    Another vote for a submersible if the jet comes out.
  7. justwater

    justwater Well Drilling/Service

    being as how this topic is almost 4 years old... lets hope they arent still trying to fix it.
  8. masterpumpman

    masterpumpman New Member

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Everyone's right, the nozzle with a 1/4" hole is restricted or washed out from time and wear. Replace the nozzle or the injector assembly in the well and you'll have pressure again. Pumps don't normally wear out.
    Submersibles are better but many well diameters are to small for a submersible. 3" submersibles are a problem!
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