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    Ohh! So *that* is what they mean by "clamping drain". I wasn't quite sure what was being clamped. I imagine it might puncture some of the moisture barrier sheets-- hence the rule about not using Kerdi (was it kerdi?) so close to a clamping drain. I don't know enough about the mechanics of how it all works though.

    I found those pictures on some UK sites. There are a ton of sites about the flooring options and wet rooms that are from the UK. I think I read from you that the UK is ahead of the US in that area. I do not envy the tile person who had to cut those wave tiles. I bet that pattern would look pretty neat with the wave pattern linear drain-- maybe with different color tiles though. Not sure if those ACO Quartz drains can be used with that flooring though.

    I love your Houzz by the way. I actually started using Houzz after seeing some of your stuff there awhile back. I'd never heard of it before. You've probably seen some of my posts. I just got back home so I haven't loaded Houzz to see if anyone replied or not.

    I can't believe that one guy thought that it was more acceptable to leave an unprotected wire vertical in a wall than to have to go through the trouble of possibly drilling a hole. I imagined if someone had done a tap test on his head about that time it would have sounded hollow. :p
    I've gotten zapped by a low current before and it is not fun at all (it was from equipment that a satellite installer didn't ground properly and something that I should have been able to touch was "hot").

    I'm off to check Houzz.
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