Culligan Water Softener Woes....

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  1. Is their a place to buy culligan parts
    without having to go through your local culligan dealer???

    some internet link to a part wholesaler???

    I have been told that their valve is a special patented design
    that they have total rights to....Is that true????

    I have a customer that has a tree year old culligan
    metered softerner that is acting up. He paid about 1800 for it
    ( yes he knows full well that he got screwed )

    He wont let Culligan back in the door ....they want an arm and a leg
    just to make small repiars... $375- ++

    I called a local water softerner mom and pop store I deal with all the time and was told that NO ONE in our town will fool with a Culligan because they are such total co-- -suckers when it comes to selling parts to other dealers.....

    basically Culligan sort of has the city and this fellow by the short hairs...

    so what do you do???
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  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    rugged, the problem with that is he doesn't have Culligan parts.

    Mark, you might be able to use Fleck parts, depending on what parts you need.

  3. Mark, if you call, they will refer you to Frank@Water********.com to get culligan parts.....but mind you he is hit and miss.....and he also has a online store selling what you might need.
    He's came through for me on culligan parts before.

    941 ) 475-4111 < softenerparts
    (877) 792-8737 < water ******** < you won't find it online

    p-h-a-r-m-a-c-y for the asteriks
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    RUUGED, thanks for the clarification.

    Mark, you'll have to know what control valve it is. The one like a Fleck 2750 might take Fleck seals, spacers and piston etc.
  5. I gues that is the reason

    Thanks for all the information

    I will check it out tomorrow, but

    it all sounds pretty hit and miss to mee too..........

    I suppose that is the reason no one in this town who
    works on water softerners every day
    wants to fool with Culligans...

    they must end up spending a lot of time
    and get very little reward for it..

    I think I understand why my softener buddy was so
    quick to blow me off today..LOL

    I will pass this on to the customer

    maybe he will find someone else in the yello pages.

    I got water heaters to put in, so I am not going to
    gamble on it...

    thank you all
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