Culligan Mark 89 short brine fill cycle

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  1. awhitford

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    Mar 8, 2014
    My son bought a house with a Mark 89 softener. The house was a repo so the softener sat unused on bypass for quite a while. The brine tank was filled with what looked like rock salt so we dipped it out and completely cleaned the tank,salt table and float assembly. When we cycle it everything seems to work all the way until the final brine fill cycle. It starts and has a good stream of water through the brine hose and shuts off after maybe 2 seconds and doesn't shoot anymore water. I know this because I unscrewed the white line nut off of the top of the float assembly and tried to run the fill cycle, and to rule out the float. Like I said everything else seems to work fine it pulls water from tank just fine but doesn't fill. Any advise would be greatly appreciated both by myself and my son and daughter in law
  2. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    I don't know about your softener, but I would suggest you post a picture of the face of the controller and another of the view that includes the area where the brine tube comes out of the controller. I was thinking that might help people who know softeners but not culligan models to see what you have and to maybe suggest a cure.
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  4. Akpsdvan

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    Dec 29, 2009
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    There are a few reasons that it could be doing what it is doing.
    There could be some thing in the injector assembly area where the piston is at, there is screen around it that could be blocking the flow back to the salt tank.
    The timer would have a setting wrong in the not whole white wheel that rotates clock wise through a cycle so that the fill time is wrong, does the motor turn after the 2 seconds?
    Drop a pm with an email and I can send a culligan book that could be of help.
    The Mark 89 was either a day or meter timer assembly .. non digital.
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