culligan mark 812 knocking noise

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  1. elkel

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    Thanks for having this forum. We have a culligan mark 812 soft water unit that has been working fine, but now it is making a knocking sound and it can be heard thruout the house. I can feel the thumping when I feel the black valve assy at the water inlet and outlet pipes on the unit. Can this be an easy fix? thankx elkel
  2. Gary Slusser

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    From your description of the problem I can't come up with much understanding of the problem. Unplug the control and see if the noise stops. If so I suggest it may be the motor making the noise. If the noise is only when water is being used.... I have no idea of possible causes. Call Culligan and ask them for ideas.

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  3. elkel

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    culligan 812 thumping noise

    Thanks for your reply Gary, I did unplug but no change. makes noise all the time, sounds like someone tapping on the pipes and carries all thru the house. It also sounds like a release of pressure then the knocking. about every 30-45 seconds. was hoping to be able to do something simple to cure. Thanka again...............Elkel
  4. hj

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    Push the bypass valve in to see if it is in the softener or the piping to it. I had one last week that the sound was from a defective pressure reducing valve on the line to the softener.
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