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    I'm remodeling my 1970's house and my wife wants "flat" ceilings (they currently are all the popcorn texture). I got the old texture off, even though it was painted over and very tough. The problem is, that there is some scaring, but not horrible, of the sheet rock.

    I use a product called "Gardz" to seal the entire surface and plan to fill in the bad areas. I just want to do this the best way possible. I can do it by hand but I'm also thinking of "shooting" on a heavier mud texture and smoothing it out with a large knock down knife.

    Does anyone have some experiences/suggestions with this?

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    I've done's hard work. It will take the average DIY'er a long time. I'd just patch the areas needing it. You'll get a better result if you pay someone to put up a finish coat. That's an acquired skill you'll likley never accomplish especially on a ceiling without a lot of practice. they make it look so isn't! the average person will have a really hard time working over their head unless they have a job that requires that and are used to it.
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    I recommend skim coating smooth-wall mud over the lids first - the lids have to many blemishes in it to try and hide them - you want a flawless clean look - thats the only way to get it ,,,, it is very hard work and a pro can handle it .......

    you will need a 12 inch or 10 inch knife to skim drywall mud over the entire lid ---- it a skilled task ahead - you might want to call a drywall pro -get done right or else you will see all the crap sticking at you .... __> by all means this picture is to show some images of skimmed lids and popcorn ceiling being done - no sales ad ---- :)
    Have a look here [​IMG]
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