Cost of Replacing Pipes

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    I have polybutylene water pipes in my house. I now have a leak, and it is too late for me to participate in the settlement for these pipes. I only recently found out that I have this type of pipe and the problems associated with them. I haven't had any problems with these pipes until now, probably because I use well water without chlorine. I have 2 and 1/2 baths and a 1024 square foot (2 story) house in South Carolina. How much (ballpark) will it cost me to replace these pipes (I have a crawlspace, no basement). Is this something that I can do myself? I can repair/replace faucets. I've replaced the insides of toilet tanks, installed a whole house water filter, and replaced a dishwasher. I have fixed leaks in PVc type pipes, but I've never attempted anything this elaborate. A friend helped me replace a water heater (he did most of the work), but I could probably do do it myself after seeing him. Thanks.
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    Absolutely no way to even ballpark it without seeing the actual house and as far as DIYing it, if you can go without water for a week or so, you MIGHT be able to do it. Otherwise you need a multiman crew to do it in a reasonable time, and they have to be experienced in repiping, not just guys taken in off the street for the job.
  3. 2 1/2 half bath repipe

    LIke HJ said....
    once you start this project then you are in
    it till its done.... for good or bad.

    its best to get someone who can do this rather quickly instead
    of doing the weekend ---free beer for your buddies ----sort of thing.......

    a good ballpark sort of estimate would be probably around

    If you are going to do it yourself, you first want to research the
    pexes you can choose from before you start the job, not afterwards....

    Zurn pex has presently got a lawsuit going on its fittings.... and I think that is sold at Lowes.

    being on a crawl space makes it fairly easy to re-do
    with straight shots into the bottom of the vanities instead of inside the walls., straight shots
    directly through the floor under the toilet tank ....
    and directly under the kitchen sink.

    you cane ven make it easier with a manibloc where all you got
    to do is run straight shots to all your fixtures with no fittings to
    put together in the crawl space...

    without tearing up the walls....
    all you got to do is drill some 1/2 holes in the appropriate places
    and cut off the old lines at the walls and patch the drywall

    the only thing that might
    be more a challenge is the tub and shower faucets..

    another good rule of thumb....

    NEVER expect your freinds to show up on Satruday when you are in dire need...
    even for free beer and pizza
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    Crawl space makes the first floor easier, but there is nothing that makes the second floor easier, and that is where the difficulties will come in.
  5. did not read the 2 story part...

    yes the second floor will add to the price and
    difficulty ....I missed that part...
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